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Logica Plana Right Verge Magma

Logica Plana Right Verge Magma

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Logica Plana Right Verge Magma




Product description

Right verge right hand corresponding to the logica plana roof tile. The ceramic tile Logica Plana is a tile with sleek and modern design created by the prestigious Benedito Design. Straight lines, minimalist and clean looks are characteristics of this avant-garde model of tile. The ceramic tile Logica Plana is pressed into plaster molds and baked at high temperatures. This model is available in a different finishes.


  • Type: Clay roof tile accessory
  • Model Right verge
  • Material: Clay
  • Color: Magma


  • Prevent water ingress and pests such as birds nesting in your roof
  • The verge tile is an edge tile with pressed, vertical side lobes to cover the gable edges at right angles to roof surfaces
  • Clay verges provide a clean, weathertight roof closure. Since the verges have the same gauge as normal clay roof tiles, they are particularly easy to install

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