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A/B Sanded Pine Interior Plywood 6 mm. 4 x 8 feet

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A/B Sanded Pine Interior Plywood 6 mm. 4 x 8 feet


Plywood Company

Plywood Company

Product description

Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. Sanded and smooth AB project panels are perfect for interior applications from art to wainscoting, do-it-yourself projects, cabinets, shelving and furniture. These panels are ready to be painted. This plywood has great strenght and stiffness. These boards are easy to handle and install. They also have excellent nail and adhesive holding ability.


  • Thickness: 6 mm.
  • Size: 4 x 8 feet
  • Engineered wood type: Sanded plywood sheating
  • Top veneer: Elliotis pine
  • Grade: A/B Veneer with sanded faces
  • Weather exposure: Interior
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  • Plywood panels for home projects
  • Sanded and easy to work with
  • Strong, stable panels
  • Extremely suitable as a high grade furniture plywood

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