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Birch Film-Faced Forming Plywood 18 mm. 4 x 8 feet

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Birch Film-Faced Forming Plywood 18 mm. 4 x 8 feet


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Plywood Company

Plywood Company

Product description

Film-faced plywood is a strong exterior plywood used in building and construction projects. Its surface has a film coating which gives the plywood a higher resistance to moisture, abrasion, and fungal attacks compared to ordinary plywood. The plywood is very useful for concrete forming with a smooth finish.


  • Thickness: 18 mm.
  • Size: 4 x 8 feet
  • Material: Birch core
  • Grade of core: AA
  • Face / reverse: F / F (smooth / smooth)
  • Edges: Sealed
  • Bonding: Phenol formaldehyde resin glues
  • Tested: WBP (Water Boil Proof)
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  • High wear-resistance
  • Higher water-resistance
  • Very durable
  • Hard surface
  • The density of birch film faced plywood is much higher than poplar film faced plywood .
  • Use as concrete shuttering form, building materials, for making high quality furniture and so on .
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