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Dupont Corian Joint Adhesive Cartridge 50 ml Glacier White

Dupont Corian Joint Adhesive Cartridge 50 ml Glacier White

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Dupont Corian Joint Adhesive Cartridge 50 ml Glacier White


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Product description

DuPont Joint Adhesive is a specially formulated two-part reactive seam adhesive to be used with DuPont surfacing materials. DuPont Joint Adhesive is available in 50 ml. cartridges formulated to be a color coordinated with DuPont surfacing materials. It is intended for ridgidly bonding two surfaces of the same compositions. It is not intended for bonding dissimilar materials unless specifically approved by DuPont.


  • Size: 50 ml
  • Color: Glacier White
  • Storage: To insure the longest shelf life, the adhesive should be stored in the dark, at room temperature (75°F or 24°C) or lower


  • STRONG AND DURABLE Working with our AdvantEDGE™ fabricators, DuPont developed and tested a new formula with improved stability and joint thermal durability to eliminate the need for joint reinforcement making it less likely to fail under abuse
  • EASE OF USE The new improved adhesive formulation allows easier, more trouble-free dispensing with our improved cartridges and mixing tips; making vertical applications much smoother
  • IMPROVED STORAGE AND ADHESIVE CURE Advanced packaging innovations and a new formula lengthen life as it is much less susceptible to settling resulting in a more consistent cure, uniform color and improved properties

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