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Eternit Barroca P7 Roofing Sheet 2 feet

Eternit Barroca P7 Roofing Sheet 2 feet

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Eternit Barroca P7 Roofing Sheet 2 feet


Eternit Co

Eternit Co

Product description

Asbestos-free roofing sheet. Profile 7 is the traditional product par excellence. Ideal for residential projects, it has the most complete range of accessories. Available in 'Barroca' pattern: The baroque tile is another alternative for roofing with the appearance of clay tiles.


  • Length = 0.61 m (2 ft)
  • Width = 0.92 m
  • Effective Length = 0.47 m
  • Effective Width = 0.873 m
  • Weight = 8.64 kg
  • Color: Red/Brown ('Barroca')
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  • Eternit Barroca sheets are WATERPROOFED, which provides a high moisture resistance
  • Gives a high aesthetic value to your project
  • Gives thermal and acoustic comfort

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