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Cedrorana Tropical Hardwood #007 Door 830 x 2110 mm

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Cedrorana Tropical Hardwood #007 Door 830 x 2110 mm


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Product description

The color of Cedrorana varies from light to golden reddish brown, and its texture varies from fine to coarse. Additionally, Cedrorana tends to be a good insulator, so it generally helps keep houses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


  • Width: 830 mm
  • Height: 2110 mm
  • Thickness: 33-34 mm
  • Edge: Unrebated ("stomp")
  • Colour: Light to golden brown
  • Painted/Treated: Unfinished
  • Panel type: Horizontal panels
  • Style: Solid door
  • Use: Left/Right
  • Environment: Exterior or interior
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  • Wood has a high R-value, so wooden doors are little affected by temperature changes.
  • Wooden doors are highly efficient at keeping out most sounds as compared to other materials.
  • Wooden doors have a very classical look. Wood if often associated with elegance, and it demonstrates to increase the value of any property. 
  • Wooden doors are durable.
  • Wooden frames and doors are much cheaper to maintain because the process in comparison to aluminum or metal doors is much easier.
  • An advantage of wooden door installation is most definitely its beauty!
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