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Concrete Forming Plywood Panel 12 mm. 4 x 8 feet

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Concrete Forming Plywood Panel 12 mm. 4 x 8 feet




Product description

Non structural panel made with face and back veneers of lower density and strength values. A water proof glue line and an edge protective sealing together with both sides repaired and touch sanded and coated in both sides with vegetable oil (mill oiled). These panels make an economic option for concrete forming.


  • Thickness: 12 mm.
  • Size: 4 x 8 feet
  • Material: Softwood Elliotis Pine
  • Face / reverse: C+ / C+
  • Edges: Sealed
  • Finish: Oiled with non-mineral oil
  • Bonding: Phenol formaldehyde glues
  • Tested: WBP (Water Boil Proof)
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  • Use for concrete form work.
  • Face & reverse: Made with face and back veneers of lower density and strength values with both sides repaired (plugged) and touch sanded (C+)
  • Phenol Formaldehyde glues, suitable for exterior applications, all glue lines are tried and tested WBP (Water Boil Proof).
  • Applications: Horizontal formwork for decks, slabs and applications

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