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Iron/Steel Wire Chair Spacer 60 mm. x 2 meter

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Iron/Steel Wire Chair Spacer 60 mm. x 2 meter


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Product description

These supports are traditional steel support spacers. They can be used as reinforcement spacers between two reinforcing nets, for example in floors or walls, or as spacers for a single reinforcement mesh in pressure layers on existing floors or slab floors.


  • Height: 60 mm.
  • Lenghth: 2 m.
  • Material: Steel (rebar)


  • Their unique ‘A’ frame design eliminates any protuding wires.
  • These wire spacers are quick and easy to use and offer effective support for reinforcement.
  • Our Wire Chair Spacers have been specifically designed to support mesh within slabs.
  • Especially for concrete floors with a bottom and top /mesh

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