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Steel Round Bar 16 mm.

Steel Round Bar 16 mm.

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Steel Round Bar 16 mm.


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Quality Steel Products

Quality Steel Products

Product description

Steel Round Bars can be drilled, cut and welded to suit a huge number of applications. Round steel is widely used in construction. Round bars often serve stabilization purposes. They are also often used in formwork (ceiling, wall).


  • Diameter: 16 mm
  • Length: 6 m
  • Grade: S235JR (St37-2)
  • Forming: Hot-rolled (WGW)
  • Product sizes or lengths may vary
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  • This quality is reasonably machinable, fairly well malleable and easily weldable.
  • Weldable with all common welding methods
  • Compared with cold-formed steel (KGV / KGW), hot-rolled steel is less hard but more flexible.
  • Other features of WGW black steel; The color is darker, the steel is heavier, the surface is rougher and there is a roller skin present.

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