Tapered Concrete Spacer 35 mm.

Tapered Concrete Spacer 35 mm.

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Tapered Concrete Spacer 35 mm.


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Product description

Tapered concrete spacers are used for heavy reinforcement or where the substrate demands it.


  • Height (A): 35 mm
  • Material: Concrete


  • The concrete spacers have the advantage of the same raw material which will improve the watertightness and strength of the concrete.
  • Concrete spacers are made of the same material as the poured concrete, so thermal expansion and contraction are equal. And because they are the same material, the concrete and spacers will bond. No gaps!
  • Optimal attachment
  • Minimal water absorption
  • No foreign material: concrete to concrete
  • Concrete rot excluded
  • Quick and easy to assemble
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