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Duna Left Verge Sand Ochre

Duna Left Verge Sand Ochre

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Duna Left Verge Sand Ochre




Product description

Left verge, left hand corresponding to the Clay Roman roof tile Duna. The new mixed roof tile of Tejas Cobert, with double wave profile is easily installed on the roof, because it has a very well defined zones wiht lace and a recessed profile that ensures correct assembly between the tiles. This Cobert roof tile is designed to facilitate the rapid evacuation of water, thus ensuring perfect tightness the roof. It also allows installation on mixed plate and is especially recommended for dry mounting.


  • Type: Clay roof tile accessory
  • Model: Left verge
  • Material: Clay
  • Color: Sand ochre


  • Prevent water ingress and pests such as birds nesting in your roof
  • The verge tile is an edge tile with pressed, vertical side lobes to cover the gable edges at right angles to roof surfaces
  • Clay verges provide a clean, weathertight roof closure. Since the verges have the same gauge as normal clay roof tiles, they are particularly easy to install

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