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Steel Reinforcement Ring Beam Mesh 8 inch - 6 meter

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Steel Reinforcement Ring Beam Mesh 8 inch - 6 meter


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Quality Steel Products

Product description

For use in ring beam constructions: A ring beam is a contiguous and continuous beam, usually made of reinforced concrete, which is anchored to a wall part in order to resist the side or horizontal forces in a building. A ring beam can also be placed to connect the wall parts of a building and thus reinforce it. To reinforce the concrete in the form work, in small projects and / or in house building, use a reinforcement ring beam mesh. The ready-to-use ring beam mesh is available in three versions (4-6-8 inch).


  • For 8 inch walls
  • Length: 6 meter
  • Height: 33-35 cm.
  • Width: approx. 14 cm. (outside)
  • Wire sizes: 6 and 8 mm.
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  • Ring beams reinforce the building along its sides, sharing in the transmission of horizontal forces. They are usually placed under the ceiling structures.
  • It is recommended to make a reinforcing ring beam under each ceiling structure, and another reinforcing ring beam under the roof structure.

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